Saturday, July 11, 2009

musical comedy duos*

Edit: Our lovely blog doesn't like some of the widescreen YouTube videos and cuts them off. Double click to open them in YouTube.

Why do the funniest musical comedy acts always come in twos?*

First (obviously): Flight of the Conchords

Second: Garfunkel and Oates 

Third:  Dr. Adam Kay and Dr. Suman Biswas (aka Amateur Transplants)

Fourth: Rhett and Link

* I actually just wanted to post some funny videos for all who have been feeling down as of late. 

Friday, July 10, 2009

look at my skin laugh....

Just wanted to share this

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cigars - Sexy, Silly or Street?

As I was driving from my husband's place of work (where he had a lovely Thai lunch) to the grocery store on my way home, I saw a road worker with a cigar.

He looked a bit like these guys, except about 10 years older and Mexican. Oh, and he had a grey mustache. He was puffin his cigar WHILE SIMULTANIOUSLY hauling around gravel and grit to fill holes in the road.

He looked right at me as I was stuck in traffic caused, probably, by him in the first place. I couldn't help but smile at the guy. He looked really silly. I sort of wanted to tell him he looked really silly, but then I thought best not cause more traffic. He's probably just found out he's a new grandfather or something and someone gave him a cigar to celebrate and he just couldn't wait to start puffing away (I ♥ run-ons).

This odd cigar puffing construction guy made me think a little about cigars. I assume that most people think of cigars as an old man's habit. Cigars and bandy in smoking jackets after dinner?

Or perhaps you're one of those that associates cigars with gangsters. Scarface smoked cigars, B.I.G. smoked cigars. Bobby DiNero probably smokes cigars. And you wouldn't mess with any of those thugs. So many the construction worker guy was actually a gangster in disguise! Haha, I caught him out though, on account he couldn't give up his cigar.

This could be true, but I didn't immediately suspect him for a gangster. No,my instant association was actually with Toni Braxton. I know, weird right? I saw this round, late-middle-aged, mexican construction worker with a cigar in his mouth and that made me think of Toni Braxton!?

There is an uber-brief moment in the video below (seconds after the 3-minute mark) where she puts a cigar in a martini glass filled with the same color liquid used in tampon commercials. Yet somehow... it's kinda sexy. Or maybe it's just that white body suit she's wearing...