Sunday, June 21, 2009

Humans are disgusting creatures

We really are. If you look at any other animal, they clean themselves at will. The cat will give itself a lovely tongue bath and will willingly give other fellow cats one as well. Dogs will wash their paws for hours on end.

But, we humans...think. We decide whether we want to take a shower at all and when it will happen. There are people who do not bathe for one reason or another: religious, personal, etc. I leave out the sick because they physically or mentally cannot wash themselves. It is not their fault but the physically and mentally capable can wash themselves and sometimes do not. That perplexes me.

Other animals have the instinct to come we always do not? Is it because we think? Interesting..I should read up on this.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Infomercial Heaven

This is the Think Tank Bank, after all. Infomercials for GREAT ideas are just what we need! I suggest - should we find the time - that we turn some of our inspired ideas into our own infomercials sometime in the near future. I mean, to help the world and all.
Could be free - or 48 easy payments of $0.00 per month!
What are you waiting for?
Below are two fantastic examples. First of all - the titty bear. Ahem, sorry - the Tiddy Bear. This brilliant design finally solves the seatbealt-digging-in problem for not only women - but also men and even children (it won't kill them!). It's ok for men to use it. It doesn't make them wusses, it doesn't even make them gay.

The next infomercial... well, this is just a "lesson learned" I suppose. We will test our products meticulously before filming an infomercial.

Maru San ga ichiban neko desu yo!

(trans: Mr Maru is the number one cat!)
(addendum: except for spock of course)

not very much need be said about Maru San. he has a face. it's a squished face, but it's an adorable face.

please, enjoy.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


As I was getting inside the car today, my umbrella protecting me from the torrential downpour, I inevitably got wet as I tried to duck inside and close the umbrella. I figured, there surely must be an invention out there for this. After much googling, however, I failed to produce any such invention. Is there something I'm missing in my get-into-a-car-with-umbrella-while-raining-and-not-get-wet technique?

I give any one with more....well, invention...than myself the permission to steal my idea and then market it to Billy Mays on the Discovery show, Pitchmen.