Wednesday, June 3, 2009


As I was getting inside the car today, my umbrella protecting me from the torrential downpour, I inevitably got wet as I tried to duck inside and close the umbrella. I figured, there surely must be an invention out there for this. After much googling, however, I failed to produce any such invention. Is there something I'm missing in my get-into-a-car-with-umbrella-while-raining-and-not-get-wet technique?

I give any one with more....well, invention...than myself the permission to steal my idea and then market it to Billy Mays on the Discovery show, Pitchmen.


  1. i don't use an umbrella... but i'd imagine there's a way to get from umbrella to car without getting wet... i'm sure the japanese know how...

  2. I keep it open and above my head until I get into the car and then close the umbrella and close the door quickly. it works.. usually.

  3. Nicole, it never works for me. I always end up getting at least a little bit wet. :/

  4. That guy gives a good thumbs up. I think I've tried the same thing Nicole is mentioning, kind of putting the umbrella over the doorway until you get in. I don't generally mind getting wet, and actually don't have an umbrella either. I can see that there are times when you wouldn't want to, though. LIke if you're wearing a nearly sheer white shirt on your way to a job interview, something like that. pff

    I have no ideas for the guy with the impressive thumbs up skills.