Sunday, May 31, 2009


On my way home yesterday, I thought about inertia. I stood on the train, still. Yet, I wasn't really still. I was moving at some rate of speed unknown to me. 
I think we forget about inertia when we drive. We are really cruising along doing 80 and we will continue to do 80 if we hit and our car stops..we are still gonna go 80 into the windshield...ouch. 

It is fascinating. This first law of motion builds on so many is used to create the catapult, build bombs, dance, etc. 

Mr. Newton your keen observations and tireless experiments on the world created the technology driven world today.  Simple things we take for granted are explained through your theories and laws. 

So thank you, Mr. Newton for giving me something to think about while on the train.  I didn't even feel I was moving. Sometimes math and physics blow my mind in a good way. :)


  1. we could so go meta with this... inertia of emotion? or... dare i brave saying such a thing: the inertia of rhetoric (ba ba ba!)

    i like this. might right a poem called "the inertia" might dedicate it to you ^_^