Saturday, May 9, 2009

pee standing up

i have penis envy. i think most women, at one point in their life at least, thinks about what it would be like to have one. if i had one wish, i'd wish to be a boy for a day; just so i could know what it felt like.

part of why having a penis would be so great, is because i'd be able to pee standing up.

well, now i don't need a magic genie to be able to pee standing up! i got a GoGirl!

i was talking to my husband about how much i wanted to pee standing up. i can't remember how the conversation started, but it did. he then, being the kind of person who has seen all of the internet, told me about these funnel like pee cup things for girls who want to pee standing up.

he found the GoGirl website and i, in an excited state, purchased one immediately.

i got it in the mail, but was too afraid to try it right away, so i waited until i took a shower so i could test it out in a safe environment. and guess what. IT WAS AWESOME!

the product itself is just a silicon funnel. the top of which is shaped to match up and seal around your girl parts. the bottom has a little hole.

the suprisingly simple design works wonderfully, and it's pretty accurate. i practiced writing my name.

plus, it comes in an attractive light pink, with a little cardboard tube for storage.

spending $8 on one of these would be silly if you were only going to use it at home, but i am so looking forward to the convenience of my GoGirl the next time we go camping.


  1. too bad you're just peeing into a funnel. you can't do the "helicopter" with a funnel. it's so great to have a penis!

  2. But girls can do two simultaneous helicopters.

    Well. I can't. But I'm going to presume ladies with ample bosoms can.

  3. I am in the minority. I never once wanted to have a penis. Once when I was little I tried peed standing up..didn't work out so well. So I learned my lesson and decided being a girl was cooler. We have more fun parts than just a trunk.

    helicopters...sweet moses..

  4. Jenni I was SO confused for a second when you mentioned "simultaneous helicopters." I can't quite describe my (brief) thought process... but I was trying to work some things out, I'll just say that. I bet you're right about the ample bosoms though.

    this is just too awesome katy...

  5. so i guess this is where the amble bosomed one chimes in and says:

    yes, but it hurts.

  6. I thought of African Nipples...

  7. Let me just clarify that when Jenni first introduced the simultaneous helicopters idea, but before I got to the bosoms part, I was picturing the WRONG region of a girl's body... so that was the confusion.

    haha katy you have tested it!