Wednesday, May 20, 2009

addictive website # 56

days like these--days where procrastination is a disorder, not a decision--are days when new website discoveries are equivocal to an alcoholic discovering a new bar in town. it gets worse: the bar tender is hot and tells great jokes.

i just can't stop. the heavens are shouting down at me: DON'T STOP!

today's addictive website:

this morning i was sitting checking my facebook (addictive website # 3), when a former employee of the writing center pops in before her exam. we start chit chatting and she drops the phrase "Fmylife". she shook her head and said "i love that website". i tell her i'm not a big fan because it makes me angry at people. then she recommended this text messages site.

people send in their text messages from the previous night (duh), and most of them are about sex with strange things, being high and wanting taco bell, walking in on people doing things with other people who shouldn't be doing things together never mind what it is they're all doing, or the odd circumstances under which the messenger woke after a night of drunken debauchery.

i'm only on page 4 of the site but i love it and could probably spend the better part of the next two days here.

this is bad. or brilliant.


  1. My favorites are

    Passive Aggressive Notes:

    Cake Wrecks:

    ...also Postcards from Yo Momma :

  2. i may never get anything done ever again ^_^

  3. Thanks for this site Katy! I've actually not looked at it until today because I've been semi off internet! I think this will bring me back with a healthy dose of hours and hours straight reading hilarious texts....

    have you guys ever seen found magazine?