Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why does Target only carry frosted toaster pastries?

The Target in North Dartmouth hosts a wide variety of toaster pastries. The toaster pastry section takes up all of the vertical shelving in an approximately six to ten foot horizontal area. This works out to at least thirty toaster pastry varieties to choose from, including regular Pop-Tarts, Target-brand toaster pastries, low-fat ones, low-carb ones, fiber-rich ones, and so on and so forth.

Pretty impressive, Target...if you're a five-year old. All of the toaster pastries...and I do mean all of the toaster pastries (even said low-fat, fiber-rich, etc. ones) have frosting on them. 

Sure--I like a Coke for breakfast every now and then, but sure as beans do not want frosting on my toaster pastries. *Shudders*  

There must be people who don't want to eat chocolate marshmallow-filled pastries with chocolate butter fluffy candy coated frosting. Everyone in the office seems to concur that Target is discriminating against the frosting-phobes. 

 Get with the program, Target. (I like plain strawberry Pop-Tarts if you would like to make amends). 


  1. jenni. if i'd known about this problem sooner, i would have attempted to make you pop-tart things without the icing. alas, i have too much thesis things. too many cupcakes things. cat things.

    and why do the little kinds of ants like my cats' dry food so much!?

  2. It is okay. Beth brought me some non-frosted strawberry pop-tarts today. :)

    Maybe you should ask BETH about the ants because she is writing her science papers on ants.