Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Evil Nestle CEO

So just wanted to share a little bite of evil with you all. This clip is from the movie "We Feed the World." Just thought this part with the ceo talking was particularly mind blowing...

Interesting to hear the way people justify certain actions that impact the entire world. I know we are all implicit in a lot of things, but it is curious to watch someone - with so much power - who really could make a huge difference if he wanted to. He believes, I guess, that because his corporation feeds some and employs some that he is forgiven for those he starves. But anyway, here he is talking about the "extreme" opinion that water is a basic human right.

So I googled "nestle is evil" and found a site dedicated to Nestle's equally admirable approach to feeding babies. Notice the Nestle ads at the bottom of the screen... thanks google...



  1. i couldn't finish watching the video, that's how evil it is.

  2. oh no, it works. i just couldn't take it any more. haha