Thursday, May 14, 2009

Time Travel

Every since the Grants Writing--Heely Grants episode of the time travel proposal...I have been obsessed with time travel. Okay, it goes further back than that. I have seen Back to the Future over 30 times and fear going 88mph in any car.

Anyway, today on the news there was a time travel piece. I guess, Lost (I don't watch lost) has something on involving time travel. Physics professors from MIT were discussing factors that made time travel almost impossible. I got sad.

But, let's discuss the fact that channel 5 felt the need to interview people at MIT!! wtf! I think these dudes are busy..trying to well solve this issue but....come on.

I still hold out hope that I can travel in time or that possibly Start Trek can happen because...if you dip through a black hole you are traveling through time and space...hence putting the space -time continuum off kilter. I believe!!!

Alas...I want to go back in time!



    facebook has seen several a tirade of mine on the topic of time travel (see above link).

    but my comment is more relevant. i recently had a conversation with someone about why no longer really think time travel is possible... ready?

    branching universes. you make a decision and your future spilts into the possibilites that result from your choice. you eat a hamburger or not, makes a difference in the ways the universes go.

    OR parallel universes.

    it doesn't matter what you believe because either way, you CANNOT exsist in any other universe than your own (than the one you are in right now) because physics works differently in different universes.

    marty started to dissapear because he COULD NOT exsist in the universe (because of PHYSICS).

    god darn physics.

    mind blowing. time travel. possible? not probable.

  2. Here is an article about a Uconn professor. this was in 2004. This guy I worked with last year was obsessed with time travel and told me about this. said you could travel only back to things that already happened - whch makes zero sense to me. but anyway.

    article mentions parallel universes

  3. The guy sounds insane - article says he started studying physics because his father died and he wanted to go back in time and save him..... which is definitely sweet, but also crazy