Sunday, June 21, 2009

Humans are disgusting creatures

We really are. If you look at any other animal, they clean themselves at will. The cat will give itself a lovely tongue bath and will willingly give other fellow cats one as well. Dogs will wash their paws for hours on end.

But, we humans...think. We decide whether we want to take a shower at all and when it will happen. There are people who do not bathe for one reason or another: religious, personal, etc. I leave out the sick because they physically or mentally cannot wash themselves. It is not their fault but the physically and mentally capable can wash themselves and sometimes do not. That perplexes me.

Other animals have the instinct to come we always do not? Is it because we think? Interesting..I should read up on this.


  1. If you want to lick yourself all over, be my guest.

  2. shows where your priorities are when "sick" only includes not cleaning yourself non-stop even when doctors say its not good for you. How about you consider that when castrate lambs if they are undisreable and cut of their tales in order to mark them. That's sick Think Tank

  3. I agree with Balevolance - there are far more disgusting traits that us humans have...

    Lets start with how we are fucking up the only habit around - we cant exactly go down to walmart and get a new one...

  4. Pets seem like a better version of ourselves because we've mostly neutered them early on and satisfied all their material needs. This keeps them placid. They can afford to be sweet-natured because they don't have to fight for survival.

    Leave a dog to the streets and it'll become as ruthless and filthy as any human ever was.