Saturday, November 7, 2009

no thank you, rocket man

I was browsing through LIFE's 21 Greatest Space photos, when I came across this photo of Bruce McCandless floating out in the middle of space thanks to a jet pack. This photo terrifies me more than creationists and creamed corn. What if your jet pack went on the fritz? Could the other astronauts watusi the spacecraft over to you before you floated away?

Also, have you SEEN "Powers of Ten"? 


  1. holy crap, yes, scary!

    ps "this photo terrifies me more than creationists and creamed corn"
    I almost spit my juice out. I was drinking juice.

  2. Seriously....that is insane also...I agree that does scare me more than creationist and creamed corn and people who think its is spelled its' combined!!!

    shit..also i didn't know you could travel in space like mind is blown

  3. also, can we add google ads on youtube videos to the list of things to ban?