Thursday, April 15, 2010

We will never hear when we are older...

Today, as I sat on the train going in to Boston for an interview, I heard the familiar...ra ra ra ooh lalala!! lyrics of Lady GAGA, at a pretty high decibel. Now, trains are loud and its difficult to hold a conversation, so I get the point of putting on tunes. BUT!! Really?? That loud! I could hear every word, every beat perfectly.

I am guilty of this but I've noticed lately that people are going overboard with headphones. I mean do you want to be like this guy:

I mean, in effect, we already are like him. We are putting speakers to our ears and then letting the world hear what we are listening too. I already struggle to hear low sounds, I can only imagine when I am like 30.

So, what do I think we should do? I have no real good thoughtful solution. I like loud music. I like going to shows and hearing the base and drums vibrant in my chest. I love yelling for an hour after because you can't hear yourself. It makes you feel like you did something, you went somewhere.

I do think though that when you are jamming out on your IPhone or your IPod, you really need to think of the people around you and this really is just to save face. Do you really want people to know that you are a big strong burly duder who LOVES the GAGA? Turn it down...just turn it down....


  1. so.... that bird is pooping in that old man's pipe right? he likes it. kinky!

  2. if i ever start dressing like an old professor, will you all promise to take me onto one of those extreme make over shows? please?