Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thinking inside the box..

I have to say I have not don't much bank thinking as of late. I have been thinking more close to home. From time to time, my mind has drifted into more expounding thoughts and ideas.

Anyway, I have witnessed a lot of what I shall call: unworldly thinking. What I mean here is, thinking that does not belong in the bank. I think it belongs nowhere but, alas, I have been witness to it. I have been hearing thoughts that boggle my little brain.

I am used to Bank thinking to be honest. I am used to worldly, interesting thought. I am saddened by this group think mentality. It is affecting my life. I need some stimulation.

So, I invite/solicit/whorishly ask for things to think about other than the litany of stuff that usually goes through my head. You know:
passive voice
html code
pretty clothes
jane austen
dino porn

We need some action and I mean down and dirty, mudslinging epiphanies.

Let's do this because I don't know if I can go another week hearing close minded BS. Ladies...mount up. Show them what we are working with.


  1. let me just say, that girl had NOTHING to add to the awesome conversation we were trying to have about cats and sustainablity today. hobos rummaging through trash? how is that even remotely related to kittens rummagine through trash? i just don't see the connection.

  2. me either.i really love how your cats try to help out the big causes of the world. sustainability is numba 1! i would like pictures please and a kiss from each kitty do-gooder.