Monday, September 7, 2009

walk of fame

Get out your pencils, it's a think tank bank quiz. Which of these pairings has a star on the Hollywood walk of fame? 

Category 1: Movie beasts

Category 2: James Bond

Category 3:  DIY television hosts

Category 4: Nickelodeon TV cartoons

Category 5: TV judges

(answers in the comment section)


  1. Stars: Godzilla, Pierce Brosnan, Tim Allen (Tim "the Toolman" Taylor), Rugrats, and Judge Judy.

  2. that's weird - pierce brosnan and not sean connery?

  3. wow, i only got two right... tim allen and the rugrats. would have thought king kong was more of an american institution. would have thought connery 'cause every woman over 30 is in love with him (at least, i have yet to meet one who isn't).